Indoor Units Range

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) VRF System

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is a world leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and institutional use. We pledge to create air conditioning systems that offer best performance in the varying climatic conditions found throughout the India’s vast terrain.

Our engineers strive to develop sophisticated yet durable units, capable of constant operation under extreme ambient temperatures, delivering quiet operation, energy-efficient performance and minimum impact on the environment.

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The Mitsubishi Heavy VRF System offer a wide range of Indoor types and allows user to choose from a wide variety of 17 models offering 93 various models of different capacity –

A few popularly used models are shown below –


The product is available in 2 models –
A. Compact 4 Way Cassette
B. Big 4 Way Cassette


The 4 Way Cassette gives uniform comfort due to its 4 way air flow design. Its 4 sided louvers can control the air direction of all 4 sides independently. Its compact design of 600 * 600 mm allows installing in even slim spaces.

Capacity Range – 0.6 TR to 1.6 TR


The Big 4 way cassette comes with similar design and features, while being bigger in size allows bigger area coverage and bigger air flow.

a. With new Draft Prevention Panel unique in the industry Prevents draft of air directly to the person sitting under the unit.
b. Advanced motion control sensor features, allows automatic control of air conditioner based on the human motion in the space.

Capacity Range – 1.0 TR to 4.0 TR


The product is available in 2 models –
A. Compact 1 Way Cassette
B. Big 1 Way Cassette

COMPACT 1 Way Cassette

The unique design of compact sized 1 way cassette is best suitable for low height ceiling at fits in a size of 600* 600 mm grid type or gypsum type ceiling

Capacity Range – 0.6 TR to 1.0 TR

BIG 1 Way Cassette

The unit is best suited for extremely low ceiling heights. The unit fits in a depth of mere 220 mm and can cover up to 250 sqft Air conditioned area with a single unit.

Capacity Range – 1.3 TR to 2.0 TR


The 2 way cassette unit is best suited for rectangular designed spaces viz. Lobby, drawings room. The unit enables 2 sided air flow for faster coverage. The elegant design makes it best suitable for elevating the aesthetics of such spaces

Capacity Range – 0.6 TR to 4.1 TR

Ductable Unit

The unit is not very aesthetically designed, and requires duct with grill for complete installation. However the unit allows airflow inside the space, without using any ceiling space, which allows architects to implement various design concepts

Capacity Range – 0.6 TR to 8.2 TR

Hi Wall Type Unit

The unit looks like a standard Split AC indoor unit with elegant diamond cut design, however matches with indoor aesthetics. The unit comes with a jet flow technology that delivers high speed air flow up to 17 meters. The 3D air flow gives all around comfort in the space.

Capacity Range – 0.6 TR to 2.6 TR