Mitsubishi VRV VRF Systems


A Mitsubishi Heavy Duty VRF VRV based HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is designed to achieve the environmental requirements of the comfort of occupants and a process.

Mitsubishi VRV VRF AC Dealer in Delhi

The VRF VRV based HVAC systems are more used in different types of buildings such as industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. The key objective of the VRF VRV based HVAC system is to fulfill the thermal comfort of its occupants by adjusting and changing the indoor air conditions to the desired conditions of the occupied area.

Based on outdoor conditions, the indoor air is heated or cooled before it is supplied into the occupied area, Based on the applications some percentage is exhausted to the outside air, and some are recycled in the system. The selection of VRF VRV based HVAC systems in a given building will depend on various factors.

It can be classified according to the necessary processes required – The cooling process, Heating process, and the Ventilation process.

The VRF VRV based HVAC systems need the distribution system to deliver the required amount of air with the desired environmental condition.

The distribution system mainly varies according to the refrigerant type and the delivering method such as air handling equipment, fan coils, air ducts, and water pipes.

ADVANTAGES OF Mitsubishi Heavy Duty VRF VRV

Mitsubishi Heavy Duty VRF VRV system was first used 30 years ago, after which it has been upgraded to match up to the various applications – residential, commercial, industrial etc. The VRF VRV based Air Conditioning system is being extremely popular in residential applications due to various factors –

Mitsubishi VRV VRF AC Dealer in Delhi

  • Ease of Installation and modular design –
    The VRF VRV system offers 17 different types of indoor units comprising of total 93 indoor models. The system offers capacity of indoor units from 0.5 TR to 8 TR and can be combined to increase the total capacity required.
  • Energy Efficient with Intelligent Controls –
    The VRF VRV system with its control mechanism not only saves energy but intelligently saves energy by using occupancy sensors, set temperature limiting feature and weekly and hourly scheduling features.
  • Low Maintenance Cost –
    As the building grows bigger the maintenance hick ups also grow nastier, The VRF VRV based Air-conditioning system with its smart controls and user friendly functions, keeps it simple and silly to operate and maintain.
  • Durability and Reliability –
    The VRF VRV system is the 5th generation HYBRID VRF Air-conditioning system developed after years of R&D and used vast experience of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries technology in development more than 135 Years since its inception in 1884.
  • Space Savings –
    The VRF VRV has built up complete range of indoor and outdoor models with side discharge models up to 10 HP for balcony applications for high rise apartment or individual houses, and top discharge models up to 24 HP for big buildings residential or commercial.
  • Precise Temperature Control –
    The VRF VRV with its latest electronic sensor and valves effectively controls the flow of refrigerant to each indoor unit for achieving precise temperature in each area.


Delhi NCR is the new construction hub of the country, with increasing construction activities, there is demand of professionally managed company for premium residential and commercial applications.

KPS Electro and Mitsubishi Electric Heavy Duty VRF VRV offers VRF based Air Conditioning system solution with trained and experienced professional staff for design and execution.

Design Team –
The design work in tandem with the architect and interior agency for delivering the best result in terms of aesthetics and air conditioning comfort for the end-user.
Planning Team – The VRF VRV planning team gets the approved drawings to coordinate and arrange required set of material from the approved make list by Mitsubishi Heavy VRF projects division. The ducting and piping quality is pre checked physically before delivery at the site from.

Mitsubishi VRV VRF AC Dealer in Delhi

Projects / Execution Team –
The project team receives the material at site and keeps in a lockable store, from where it is issued to the supervisor for installing as per the best practices for safety and quality.

Pre Commissioning Team –
The team is designated by VRF projects department which visits the site during execution and before final commissioning. The checklist of all pre checks is submitted to the site manager for necessary correction if any. After which the system is finally pressure tested and charged with refrigerant for final commissioning of VRF based Air conditioning system

Training and Upgradation –
The technical staff is regularly upgraded by quarterly trainings for maintenance and troubleshooting with hands on experience for various indoor and outdoor models.

Types of VRF System

  • Cooling only systems (For South India) – These systems can only cool. Heating is not available, while Fan and Dry modes are available for each indoor unit independently.
  • Heat Pump systems (Mainly North India) – All the indoor units can either heat, or cool (not at the same time). Fan and Dry modes are available for each and every indoor unit independently.
  • Heat Recovery systems (less popular) – These systems are customized for specific applications where cooling and heating may be available by each indoor unit independently, at the same time.

Rumor & Reality

Rumor: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system cannot provide simultaneous heating and cooling with the same outdoor unit.

Reality: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system has developed a 3 pipe system which can provide simultaneous heating and cooling.

An MHI VRF HVAC system can heat and cool different zones or rooms within a building at the same time. If the appropriate VRF system is selected, building occupants have the ability to customize the temperature settings to their personal preferences.

Rumor: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system in Delhi can only be used in commercial applications.

Reality: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF equipment can be used in conjunction with a wide range of heating and cooling products. This means that a VRF system can be scaled to meet the climate control needs of a nuclear single-family residence all the way to a commercial high-rise building.

Rumor: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system runs at full load even if anyone indoor AC is used.

Reality: Unlike some older HVAC technologies, Mitsubishi Heavy VRF systems are extremely intelligent. Each indoor unit has its own control directly connected to the outdoor which allows independent control of each indoor unit and each can have different set temperatures as well.

Rumor: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system units are bulky.

Reality: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system VRF equipment is available in sleek and compact model compared to other HVAC equipment. This makes VRF an excellent solution for installing HVAC equipment in areas with limited space, such as low height ceiling of indoor units and small balcony of residential applications.

Rumor: Mitsubishi Heavy VRF system are difficult to maintain.

Reality: Because of its modular design and advance remote control, even a junior technician can diagnose the fault or if required call upon the Mitsubishi Heavy customer care toll free no. – 1800-102-0055 which will be then designated to the nearest service centre.